Month: March 2017

Likin’ Lichens at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve

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The spring Lichen Hunting Season will get started Wednesday March 29th at the Nuzum Talk at the KVR Visitor Center. Come on out and have a conversation about lichens with me!  You can have a snack and relax with friends and see and learn about a hidden world.

Learn how to enter and explore this magical, hidden world. Visit with your friends, enjoy a snack, and find out about the KVR Lichen Project. We have a wonderful new microscope that will be set up for you to look at lichens up close, where lichens show off their beautiful structures and colors.

cel new lichen2
First photo from our new Celestron microscope – Usnea sp.

Meanwhile, the damp weather is great for lichens. They are very active now and colors are bright and easily seen. Look around at the trees nearby. The bright green and blues and white are all lichens that have gone from dormant and dry to moist and actively growing, photosynthesizing and reproducing. It’s the best time to look closely. Use a small hand lens if you have one. As little as 10x magnification brings a completely different view of what a lichen looks like. Remember to look for lichens on rocks and even undisturbed soil.

See you Wednesday, at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve!

Cladonia cristatella BV Rd fence post 3-17b
Cladonia cristatella-British Soldiers