Become a Lichen Hunter

Join the KVR Lichen Hunters
Explore the miniature miraculous marvel-Lichens!



This project has two purposes. The first is to engage and educate everyone about Lichens-their beauty and importance to the ecology of the KVR.  We will also be monitoring lichens to learn about the health of the ecosystem.

This citizen science project will begin with 1 trail (the Wintergreen Trail) that has 6 sites on the trail. We will be adding other sites that will be easy to locate and within 15 minutes hike from a parking area or major road. This first trail has sites that have lichens on rocks, soil, and trees.

We are developing resources and tools that include:

  • Map to the sites
  • Photos of Lichens on each site
  • Lichen information-what they are, and what they do
  • A Survey for each site
  • Identification of the species being monitored
  • Contact information
  • Links to resources on lichens

These tools will be used to create a long term citizen science research study that will  enhance our ability to care for this special place that is entrusted to us. Knowing lichens and what they can tell us about all other life is an important part of understanding the ecosystem as a whole, living entity.


We can use your help now: email us

  • photography
  • lichen identification
  • microscopes
  • database development
  • site monitoring


a63f51d1-5056-8600-6c2529abd828dd8b-stoten_jim_bennett_alternativeMuch Appreciation

We’d like to make a special thank you to Dr. James Bennett at the University of Wisconsin, Madison for his invaluable assistance on this project, and for being an inspiration to our exploration and learning about lichens. Thank you, Dr. Bennett!

The Survey Sites

Winter Green Trail



County P

Blackhawk Rock

Cut Off Road

Kickapoo River Trail

Other Sites will be added in the future.

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