New Resources for the KVR Lichen Project

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lichens of NA book

The KVR Lichen Project now has a copy of ‘Lichens of North America’ at the Visitor Center reference library. This is a book to get lost in. It is comprehensive, with beautiful images and extensive identification information. If you find a lichen, it will probably be in this book.  When you find a lichen, take a few good photos, remember to peak underneath if the lichen is a foliose or fruticose structure, then sit down with this book and see what you can learn. And while enjoying the book, consider joining the Friends of the KVR.

I’d like to thank the Friends of the KVR for their generous grant to the Lichen Project, for the purchase of this book and other materials. The Friends of the KVR supports and funds many projects at the Reserve. They also spend countless hours volunteering at events throughout the year. Check out how your participation in the Friends of the KVR can help our very special Kickapoo Valley Reserve.

The Lichen Project now has a Celestron digital microscope, hand lenses, a black light flashlight, and several reference books. A special addition this month is the new booklet ‘Common Lichens of Wisconsin’ written by James P. Bennett and published by the Wisconsin State Herbarium. This is very useful to carry on your hikes for quickly looking up some of the common lichens in our area. Thank you Dr. Bennett for this booklet.

Common lichens of Wisconsin

Now, i’m off to the woods to look at lichens. After all the wet weather lately, the lichens, moss and fungi are growing and blooming.


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