Microscope Images

Cladonia cristatella BV Rd fence post 3-17b


Common Greenshield? -edge and underside-BV Rd. branch3-17
Lower cortex and cross section of thallus of Pseudoparmelia caperata
Crustose-R- WG4 3-17 Celestron
Crustose lichen on rock WG4
Phaeophyscia sp?-canopy Home 4-17 Celestron
Phaeophyscia sp?
Unidentified lichens
Usnea sp.-Canopy BV 3-17 Celestron
Usnea sp from canopy
WG4 R-Cladonia sp + aphid 3-17 Celestron
Cladonia sp with insect
Lepraria sp? LST poplar-BV Rd 3-17
Lepraria sp? on tree

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